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« FRANCE IN SHORTS »: Highlighting French shorts producers

during Annecy online 2020 !

Join us from June 15 to 30, 2020 on the

« France in shorts »



at Annecy MIFA and on !

Teaser of selected French short films at 2020 Annecy International Animation film Festival.

The project

What ?

For the fifth year, AFCA (The French Animation Film Association), Agence du court métrage (The Short Film Agency), SPFA (Union of Producers of Animated Films) and SPI (Union of Independent Producers) supported by Procirep, are gathering to support the « France in shorts » label during Annecy MIFA - International Animation Film Market. Due to the sanitary situation, « France in shorts » offers new online promotion means for French production companies and short animation films.


Where ?

On the « France in shorts » virtual booth and on an entirely dedicated website with exclusive contents.

When ?

June 15-30, 2020


What do we offer for the 2020 Online edition ?

- A « France in shorts » virtual booth: Register using the label “France in shorts” and increase your visibility in the Annecy network (company profile page, video library and social networks). Professionals using this label are allowed to upload two more footages to the video library, on top of the three already given by the regular MIFA pass.


NB: The accreditation is not included. Buy it on your own or through the booth registration before June 8th, 2020.


-, exclusive contents on a dedicated website: this platform increases the visibility of registered companies under the label « France in shorts » by enlisting links and videos with private access (films non registered in the Annecy video library, “Work in progress” teasers, pitches...).


- A teaser presenting the 20 French short films in selection (8 films in official selection and 12 more films selected for the André-Martin Award 2020).


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